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The new Hotel Goldenes Kreuz revives the almost five hundred year tradition of what was a favourite residence of visiting Emperors and Empresses, Kings and Queens. 


Enjoy your stay in one of the 10 spacious and elegant rooms named after the illustrious clientele who made the Goldenes Kreuz their temporary home in centuries past. 


From the second floor rooms, you overlook Haidplatz, one of the most vibrant town squares of the old town of Regensburg. Staying in one of our rear facing rooms, you will have a view of our patio and to the impressive windows of the auction house, once an historic ballroom, with its unique Art Nouveau ceiling.


Please drive with your car directly into our sheltered passageway to load and unload your luggage in comfort. We will show you the way to the nearby parking garage at Bismarckplatz.

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