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Hotel Goldenes Kreuz

Welcome to the Hotel "Goldenes Kreuz", former Guest House of visiting Emperors and Princess, Queens and Duchesses.


The "Goldenes Kreuz" overlooks Haidplatz, one of the most beautiful locations in downtown Regensburg.


The building's Bel Étage, on the second floor, holds ten indivudally decorated rooms, each with all modern comforts and conveniences.


On the ground floor, The Great Hall was a meeting place for some of the most powerful and influential rulers of Europe: King Ludwig I of Bavaria; German Emperor Wilhelm I of Preußen; Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria


Since 1968, The Great Hall has housed the traditional "Café Goldenes Kreuz".

The hospitality and relaxed atmosphere make it a favourite place for both the residents of, and visitors to, Regensburg to enjoy a light bite to eat or something to drink.


Your breakfast is served here every day from 7:00a m until 2:00 pm.


Hotel Goldenes Kreuz
Haidplatz 7
93047 Regensburg
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